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Re: Vr's vs Audis(5+5 comment)

That leaves three companies, Audi, Honda, Mitubishi.  Of the
>three Audi's immediately throw out the 82 5+5 (sold at approx. 60k)- the
>only thing I've ever seen with more repair bills is the 80 Honda, which
>completely expired in 1990 with less than 100k but more than $2000 worth of
>non-maintenance repairs during the last 2 years of it's life. 

I would like to hear more about the 5+5 symptoms that caused the you guys to
split up. I own an 81 5+5 with about 150k on it now and seems like it will
live a long life. It is burning some oil, but I drive it about 1000(close to
that) miles a week, mostly city driving. I deliver pizza in it and drive it
to school and even autoxed this summer, so you can imagine the hell I put it
through. I love driving this car as much or more than my GTi with its mods.
This summer I am going to make the big decision as to which car will get to
stay with me. If I choose the Audi, I'm going to get serious with it. Later.