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Re: Why can't we all get along?

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> Not to sound like Rodney King or anything but I've been reading some of the
> posts that passed through my modem recently and found myself puzzled by the
> seemingly arrogant and nasty tone of more than a few of them.  Who cares if
> elliot likes the VW Corrado or PDQSHIP finds his brother's Mitsubishi worth
> praise in some respects?  As much as I like Audis (and I do, owning four of
> them at the moment), I don't make excuses for them.  They're not perfect (I
> don't think any one car can be), they're not always reliable (although I've
> known cars that were even less so) and if someday I find a BMW, Mercedes or
> even (gasp!) Chrysler that better fits my needs/tastes/budget, I'll buy it.

Yes!!!  I couldn't have said it better.  Leave it to the editor to set 
everything straight 8^)