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Re: Oil Filters

Following is excerpted from brochure "Genuine Audi Replacement Filters" picked 
up at dealer.  How does one identify an aftermarket filter that meets all 
these criteria?

"ANTI-DRAINBACK VALVE works to keep clean oil in the filter after the engine 
is shut off.  This ensures immediate lubrication when the engine is started.  
Some non-genuine filters do not include this feature.

"BYPASS VALVE opens when the filter element becomes clogged due to exteme 
conditions or neglect, ensuring that the oil continues to flow to critical 
engine components.  Some non-genuine filters eliminate this valve altogether.

"OPTIMUM BYPASS ACTIVATION PRESSURE of 36 psi allows for long filter life.  
Some non-genuine filters have valves that open at oil pressures as low as 7 
psi, unnecessarily defeating the filtration process. 

"PREMIUM RUBBER SEALS are employed to prevent leakage.

"PREMIUM FILTER PAPER allows for free oil flow while the pleated design 
provides more filter area ensuring maximum filtration.  This filter paper 
traps harmful dirt and dust particles before they reach engine components.

"HIGH BURST PRESSURE of 290 psi while some non-genuine filters have burst 
pressures as low as 200 psi.  In cold weather areas a low burst pressure may 
cause problems."

Doran Howitt  '89 100Q
IDD Information Services
Livingston, NJ 07039 USA
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