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At 02:44 PM 1/5/96 +-100, Anders Thun wrote:

>These are the Audi internal names for their cars. 'B' indicates the model
(80), and the number is
>the revision. B3 is the Audi 80 built between '86-'91, B4 is the (as you
might've guessed...) the 
>80 built between '91-'95. So the A4 is actually called B5 internally....
Confusing? Well the A6 is
>C4 internally and the A8 is D2 to add some more confusion...

and just to add a bit more confusion, the model years in Europe are a bit
off from N. America (don't know about the ROW).  i.e.  the B3 didn't become
available in the US until the '88 MY
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