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spoilers (was Re: vr4)

At 10:50 PM 1/4/96 -0600, Jeremy R King wrote:

>> ooo, it even moves up and down!  if the wing was part of the overall
>> aerodynamics of the car, it would not be an option.
>> the 911's movable whale tail on the non turbo models is also not an 
>> option.. does that tell you anything?
>Gee, wonder why they scrapped the moving "wing" in favor of a huge fixed 
>whale tale in the take-no-prisoners, track bound twin turbo.  Why not 
>stick with the moving one if it's so amazingly functional.  Plus on the 
>Porsche, the tail is as much if not more for cooling the engine as it is 
>for downforce.  Apples to Oranges.

The wing on the 930 (911 turbo) is really Porsche's power-bulge--it hides
the intercooler.  On the 911, there's a lot of debate on the aesthetics of
the wing--many retrofit a wing, the factory offered a fixed wing as an
option on the '84-89 Carrera.  It DOES reduce lift on the car at speed, and
given the tail-happy tendencies of that car, that can't be a bad thing!
Given the speeds we can legally drive here, except in Montana, it's also a
lot of show for "gold chain set" (P-philes term).   I believe part of the
reason for the movable wing on the C2/C4 ('90/89 on) cars was Porsche's
attempt to satisfy both factions.  I know there's some P-philes (P-car list)
folks on this list--correct me if i've got it wrong.

related q-car content:  why do only some of the quattros have rear spoilers?
I mean, if any quattro could use one, it would be my '91 200q.  my old '87
4kcsq had one--don't know that it really did much.
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