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Re: Bright Idea??

> I was thinking that if the whole assembly was removed, a pair of those
> newer small PIAA or such lights would fit behind a plexiglass or custom
> fitted glass shield.

I'm working on something very similar to this for my '87 5k except I'm using
a pair of 5-3/4" round lights per side ... I've got a pattern made and all I
need to do now is fold some aluminum sheet and cut a pair of holes.  Perhaps
I'll get around to it over the next few weekends since my 4k racecar project
is on hold until some unknown time in the future when it comes back from the
rollcage store and work on it can resume.

BTW, my car is NOT a turbo so what I'm doing won't transfer directly to your
car ... the idea is certainly valid enough, though.  The plastic lense cover
is made by GTS and I bought mine from JC Whitney of all places ... the light
buckets came from some old BMW 530i headlight assemblies I had lying around.
With luck, it'll look a lot like the lights BMW uses on its new 3 series and
work considerably better than the OEM junk I've got now ... we'll see.

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