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80 Quattro - 4 or 5 cylinder motor?

While studying my Bentley manuals, I came upon an interesting inconsistency
this evening: One part of the 80/90 manual states that all 80 Quattros were
delivered in the US with 5-cyl. motors yet another suggests there were also
some delivered with 4-cyl. motors.  Since I'm trying to figure out a way to
attach a 5-cyl. gearbox to a 4-cyl. motor without doing lots of very costly
and time-consuming machine work, it would be nice to know if such a critter
was ever sold in the US (I know they were sold in europe) so I could locate
a used gearbox and swap final-drive housings.  I realize this is a longshot
given the legendary accuracy of the Bentley manuals but it's worth a try in
any event... 

Any leads/assistance will be greatly appreciated (as would counseling since
I'm probably the only person in the world who has a pile of Bentley manuals
on the floor alongside their bed to keep them handy for a bit of late-night

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