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Re: U/S Torsen

In a message dated 96-01-07 22:58:40 EST, you write:

>as i understand it, the big advantage of the torsen centre diff as opposed
>the viscous variety is:
>1) the spped of the reaction to low-traction situations
>2) the ease of implementation of abs.

And given the three channel abs of the earlier q's with the open center, I'm
not real sure why the abs is defeated....   Assuming abs is activated by
either rear sensor via a single line, in open (diff) mode the abs operates
the same as in closed mode.....  Heck even jeep did it, not sure why it is
so......  The torsen Gleason is simpler type differential than than the
lockers, but for the center, the 100% lock is my choice....  I can see the
rear argument, but a 100% locking will have better traction than even a
torsen.....   For the wife however, my vote is for Gleason's all round.....
 Well maybe until the winter driving school anyhow....