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Re: Bosch Plugs: Platins or Platinums

In a message dated 96-01-07 20:27:52 EST, you write:

>I recently changed the plugs in my 87 5000CSQ IA Stage I. The Bosch plugs I
>used are type 'WR7DP' and the box says Platin on one side and Platinum on
>other side. 
>So the $64 question is - What did I put in - The much acclaimed Platins or
>lowly Platinums that the list wisdom seems to hold in disdain?
>BTW - The car runs fine with whatever they are :-)

Well, just happen to have a set of platin plugs here, and the answer is
easy....  If you paid over $14 dollars a peace for them (dealer is 24.00 per)
you have the covetted platins.....  If you got WR7DP's you got platinums.....
 The PLATIN numbers have a OR suffix to them and require the removal of the
metal shields over the spark plug to make them work (cuz they are
shorter).....  The difference is the platins have the whole electrode as
platinum, the platinums have just the very tip platinum, and the cost on the
latter is about 1.80 at discount auto stores....   If you have an IA mod,
take Ned's suggestion and run the Bosch Coppers, they are better than the
PLATINUMS, but the best setup is a cooler 5 or 6 range PLATIN plug....
 Platin is german for platinum.....  You give me the 70 dollars for the right
answer, and I'll give you platins for free.....  :~)


87 5ktqRS2 stage VIII, IA stage XX, 3inexh, F5DPOR PLATINS, Pearl Black
87 5ktqRS2 stage III, IA stage II, stock exh, F5DPOR PLATINS, Pearl White