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Re: Bosch Plugs: Platins or Platinums

In a message dated 96-01-08 11:33:51 EST, you write:

>am new to your list and do not want to step on anyone's toes but, I feel I
>must respond to incorrect information.
>I agree with the first note-Platin-Platinum-Platine are all the same in
>different languages.  German-English-French.
>Before I posted, I called Dave at Bosch and ran the info and postings.
>His response:  The Audi in question originally came with WR7DS a hard silver
>electrode plug.  This plug could easily cost $150 to have installed at a
>dealership.  However the option plug is the WR7DP which has a solid platinum
>core.  Which normally sell for $3.00 each.  To the person who paid, $30 you
>should pull one of your plugs and make sure it is not silver.  If it says
>platinum,  I would certainly go back to the service facility and ask
>Bosch does not make a platinum coated electode plug.

Not quite true....  The Platinum uses a little tiny (get your magnifying
glass out) piece of platinum at the very tip of the electrode, the rest is
surrounded by ceramic, the "OR" PLATIN  (has no ceramic at the tip, and uses
more platin/um than the "DP" plug.....  The PLATIN uses an electrode that is
Platinum, and it is not just the tip.....  The WR7DP is the correct app for
the car in a platinum tip.....  Have your bosch guy read this: get a WR7DP
from the warehouse and a F5DPOR from the security area, and have him describe
them to you.....  The F5DPOR is a stock S4 app, is a 30K part, and IS very
expensive......   Then Price it as exercise #2.   The difference is not the
just the app to the S4 by the way......  And retail audi is 25-27ea,
depending on who is gouging, bosch dist. cost is 9-12.00.....  The Platinum
in the "DP" plug is so little, that the dist cost is .80   and can be found
at Kmart or Trak auto for 1.50USD pretty regularly.....  
WR7DS - Stock ok - silver - you have mods you will eat these regularly
WR7DC - Stock ok, if not running "OR" plug get this copper plug, it doesn't
blow out
WR7DP - Just ok, lots of prollums with that tiny electrode "blowing out"
(platinum tipped)
F5/F6/DPOR - For high mods, a great plug, lower heat range, doesn't blow out
like DP, it shows a different app cuz it has a shorter stack height than the
W plug, but remove or modify the metal shields and it works fine.....

HTH you and your Bosch connection