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In a message dated 96-01-08 11:33:51 EST, you write:

>am new to your list and do not want to step on anyone's toes but, I feel I
>must respond to incorrect information.
>I agree with the first note-Platin-Platinum-Platine are all the same in
>different languages.  German-English-French.
>Before I posted, I called Dave at Bosch and ran the info and postings.
>His response:  The Audi in question originally came with WR7DS a hard silver
>electrode plug.  This plug could easily cost $150 to have installed at a
>dealership.  However the option plug is the WR7DP which has a solid platinum
>core.  Which normally sell for $3.00 each.  To the person who paid, $30 you
>should pull one of your plugs and make sure it is not silver.  If it says
>platinum,  I would certainly go back to the service facility and ask
>Bosch does not make a platinum coated electode plug.