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Re: Bright Idea. 5000??

In a message dated 96-01-07 17:11:35 EST, you write:

>[from AudiDudi]
>>I'm working on something very similar to this for my '87 5k except I'm
>>a pair of 5-3/4" round lights per side ... I've got a pattern made and all
>>need to do now is fold some aluminum sheet and cut a pair of holes.
>Another wrinkle on dim lights.
>Has anyone tried to retrofit the 1984/85 quad rectangulat non aero setup
>from the early 5000. I had a set of 4 rectangular beams on my old
>Riceburner and they definitely light up the road much better than the lumen
>challenged US Aero's.
>The seperate reflectors for Hi and Low also allow me to set up where I want
>the beams to point.
>And JC.Whitney sells those lexan Aero headlight covers for those of us who
>want to get the drag down.
>my 2 candles worth
>Ernest Wong

Actually, that is the system that makes the most sense to me, Ernest, but the
"look cool" argument can get involved....  but for lighting options you get
the biggest gain, that is the neat idea that the h2 bulb in the highbeam can
be popped to 100w, and the outsides at 55/100 with that set up is
awesome.....  I just sold my 86 crown vic wagon tow car, and had that set up
in it (with 2 relays and 10 guage wire to the hibeam, massive overkill), and
I can attest that it was just as good as the same set up in the 5 1/4 round
that I did on my wifes 81 scirocco.....  Bang for buck it works well and may
be the best option to the euros, even better considering the 4 hibeams, 2 of
them proper and exclusive to the hibeam....

Hella vaccuum sealed the lights for an extra 10 bux a lite....  I found that
the highs (esp the 100w) lasted the full 3 years I ran this setup, since it
all but eliminates the condensation properties associated with heat

Reverse retrofit?  It sure looks like no type of rocket science, but you will
need to get the proper bezel mounts from an old 5ktq.....  This will prolly
be the way I'm going to go, given the price of the options I've seen to
date.......  A 5ktq of 85 vintage should fit as a direct swap....