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Re: U/S Torsen

> Be careful when you call VC based all-wheel drive "a cheap and ugly hack".  I
> think they are rather elegant and that the systems (i.e., Volkswagen Syncro;
> as used on the late, lamented Eurovans) are extremely capable.
> Final comment.  The Audi TT/TTS concept car will become reality in 1998.
>  Guess what kind of "quattro" system this car will use?  I'll give you a
> hint.  The TT/TTS is based on the next generation Golf platform and it uses a

I think many people on the list do know the up-coming TT thing will not 
be using Audi's quattro despite the badging.

As for VW's Syncro, isn't it a more of a 4WD than AWD? I remember an 
article covering it saying the syncro does not engage unless slip is 
there -- until then, there will be two wheels free-wheeling (no power 

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