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Re: not audi again

> Sorry again,but no one can answer this question as good as you .
> My sister wants a car,and my dad wan't to know what are the good
> "cheap" car in the US, easy to drive,easy to repair,easy to sell 
> without too much depreciation. Neon ? Civic ? 
> or anything? but not Audi please ..!! ,American cars cheap at first
> and much cheaper when we want to sell it right ?
>                         please recommend (budget $8000-12000)

Stay away from Neon -- it's a little car that's little bit Too Hyped both 
by the ads and U.S. car mags -- it's really a horrible car (probably except 
the engine, which is "peppy" compared with what's available in competing 
models). Stay away from Saturn, too -- excellent (idea'ed) dealership, 
lousy car.

As for Civic, it's quite hard to get a new car at $12,000 -- $15,000 is 
more like it in realistic sense (this is what I found out about a year 
ago doing tag-along with a potential buyer). In that category Nissan Altima 
and Toyota Corolla also exists (yes, that's the word -- they "exist"). Or 
that Toyota Paseo (rebadged Corolla? in two-door flavour). If you're 
looking at something less in $$$, there's Mitsu Mirage. Very Small Car, 
but you get get it for around $10,000 (almost) even. Nissan's reshaped 
Sentra is also around.

You can go look for the prices and possible archived reviews of these blah 
mobiles (among the wow mobiles) at Edmond's web site at 

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