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Re: not audi again

The bottom end Mitsubishi Galant is a "nice" car.  Mitsu went to great 
lengths to make things in the engine bay accesible for us shadetree 
types (that was one of the selling points when I went looking).  I hear 
they're reliable, and Mitsu is usually on the less boring end of the 
Japanese offerings.  You'll have to find one slightly used, though.  I 
think they're around $16K new.  

I hate to say this (and am sorry for offending everyone), but my sister 
has been really happy with her Saturn.  Their customer service is truly 
exceptional.  Almost makes up for the complete lack of engineering in the 
car.  It is a no-hassles relationship, though.  Becca bought hers used 
and the dealer (she didn't buy it at the dealer) actually ate the cost of 
a new alternator when her's went bad.

Opinions.  Take 'em or leave 'em.

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, K.Benjawan wrote:

>                         Sorry again,but no one can answer this question as
> good as you .
>         My sister wants a car,and my dad wan't to know what are the good
> "cheap" car in the US
>         ,easy to drive,easy to repair,easy to sell without too much
> depreciation. Neon ? Civic ? 
>         or anything? but not Audi please ..!! ,American cars cheap at first
> and much cheaper when
>         we want to sell it right ?
>                         please recommend (budget $8000-12000)
>                                                                 Thanks a lot
>                                                                 Ben
>         any WWW have info. about good used cars ?