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I'm bored Dept.

So you think Audi is for you, eh? Well, I have another (uh-oh!) link due to 
the weather (high of 2 degrees for today...). It's  
http://www.tecc.co.uk/topgear of British (for PC people, that's U.K.) 
mag Top Gear.

The particular interest is the CarChase thang. You do need to register 
with them (free) before you can get started. You then fill out the 
quetionair and their "computer" is suppose to spit out the ideal car for 
you by looking at your preferences.

Anyway, it took me one one try to pop the A8 out (: (I hope it DOES come 
to the U.S.) and two tries for the S6. I wasn't able to beat the S2 coupe 
out (is it still in production?), though.

Have a nice, frigid day!

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