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Re: U/S Torsen

Be careful when you call VC based all-wheel drive "a cheap and ugly hack".  I
think they are rather elegant and that the systems (i.e., Volkswagen Syncro;
as used on the late, lamented Eurovans) are extremely capable.

I've owned Audi quattros and Syncro Eurovans, and loved driving both.  The
real testament is that you won't find anybody on the planet who says that
they loved driving a Eurovan unless it was the Syncro version.

Final comment.  The Audi TT/TTS concept car will become reality in 1998.
 Guess what kind of "quattro" system this car will use?  I'll give you a
hint.  The TT/TTS is based on the next generation Golf platform and it uses a
transversly mounted engine.