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Re: V6 packed into A4

At least the radiator support and entire front structure unbolts for
relatively quick access to things like timing belt and accessory drive.  Need
for maintenance is low.  Dealer technicians I've talked to initially complain
that it is crowded, but acknowledge that the day-to-day need to get up close
and personal is less than ever on the new models.  Modifications to the
gaskets and flange areas prior to 1995 model year have vastly reduced oil
leaks, for instance.

Bottom line, sure it's tight, but what's to service?  Note also that all the
high dollar components are mounted out of the accident impact area -
including the battery, which, while not high dollar, is no longer in a
position to split and dump acid on a freshly accident damaged car.  Give the
shoe horn job necessary, it's pretty well thought out.  If you want to see
how it ought not be done, look at the early V8 engine installation in a BMW
530/540.  On the other hand, the A6 is a model of both front end
accessibility and low damage/easy repairability in an accident.