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Re: PLATIN vs. Platinum The real story - long

Just a few of what I'm sure won't be the last words on the subject of
prescious metal and spark plugs seem to be in order.  There should be no
doubt on two points:

1. Platin = Platinum in the German, respective English, languages.
2. Real technicians specify their spark plugs by a definitive nomenclature
that identifies heat range, construction, reach, etc.  Part numbers work
pretty darn well for this.

To go on yammering that platin is different than platinum is petty and
inaccurate.  If you have the hot tip on a plug, why not do what the big boys
do and call it by it's f***ing part number?

My original post is word-for-word correct.  Stick to accurate usages and keep
those trigger fingers away from the buzzers.