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Re: Lighting that Bic

At 08:18 PM 1/8/96 -0500, Bob D'Amato wrote:

>[ Psychos 'R Us query about off-duty cops]:
>Yes.. an off duty officer can give chase. An officer is never "Off duty". 
>He can not however chase you above the posted speed limit if there are 
>civilians in the car.
>Town cops can not do ANYTHING about you speeding if you are not in their 
>town. They can stop you only on felony charges out of their jurisdiction.

just be wary about what is or is not within their jurisdiction.  here in the
seattle area, many suburbs are too small to operate their own police
departments, so they contract it out to king county--that ain't a local
'burb cop behind you, it's a county sheriff/police!  his or her authority is
much greater than you might think

and, contrary to popular misconception, city cops can/do have authority over
federal or state roads--i.e. city of seattle cops can stop you on I-5 going
through the middle of seattle--you may ask me how i know--at least i wasn't
at the wheel :)

>(Unfortunately I gotta live with this crap... my wife is the 
>commisioner's secretary... I ask a lot of questions.  :)

and let me guess--her business card pasted to the back of your driver's
license comes in real handy when you practice your .sig's tag line, right? :)
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