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Re: Unsubscribe

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996 tdevit3@ibm.net wrote:

> Have been trying to unsubscribe for a week without success...please
> action ASAP....thanks.

Well, that's because this is the circle itself where people gather 
to exchange proper chants and recommended sacrifices (and warrior sect 
who seem to have flame throwers for uninvited guests and fellow follwers 
alike). You want to pay a pilgrimage to the god of the list which goes 
by the name of majordomo (impressive name, ain't it?), whom can be 
reached by chanting His name. You were given a Scroll of Power Commands 
in which you have received when you chose this particular dicipline. One 
of the warnings in the scroll was, "Thou shall not unneedlessly throw this 
scroll away whileth enrolled in one of the diciplines." Right now you're 
experiencing the major curse of not reading the scroll and throwing it 

Have a nice day.
Brother Psycho Bob

P.S. If you want US to do something, then you have to give meaningful 
sacrificial items to each of the list members. Then we'll see what we can do 
for you.

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