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Re: Viscous Torsens

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
> >the VC has a far more exponential characteristic.  it makes the
> >chassis trickier to design.  for the original full time 4wd 911C4, it
> >was rejected for this reason.
> I'm not sure I agree with this statement anymore tho, eliot......

that's what the porker engineer said.  not my words.  his.

> >the cars that feature VC full time 4wd and ABS have to slacken the
> >couplings so that ABS can work properly.  it is a cheap and ugly
> >hack. i believe that the latest porsche c4 and turbo disconnect
> >drive to the front altogether during braking.
> I think you are referring to two different systems eliot, a part time AWD
> system with VC and a full time AWD system with VC.....  The part time
> systems, like found in dorF trucks, use a VC to engage and disengage the
> driveshaft to the front wheels, so it is considered a part time 4 wd system
> vs a VC to control the driveshaft speed differential of an AWD vehicle....

i am fully aware of the two different type of VC systems.  

>   If that IS indeed the system the C4 is using, it is sub par, but I don't
> think that is the system it has......

the latest C4 and turbo uses a part time automatically engaging VC.
it is well documented everywhere.