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Re: Viscous Torsens

> The ABS argument with the "newer"
> style VC's doesn't hold true anymore either....  The old style VC was a heat
> build up, not a silicone shear type the newer ones are.....  The shear type
> will rival the best of the EVC systems.....  And are instant on application
> on and application off......   Once equal driveshaft rotation is sensed the
> lock is "disabled" and that occurs in the same 1/4 to 1/2 turn.....

are you claiming that the new VC's know the difference between a
spinning wheel and a locking wheel?  if you lock up say both rear
wheels, that rear driveshaft will be stationary.  traditional VCs will
think that the front is slipping wrt rear and thus lock up and force
the rears to turn. abs doesn't have a chance to get in the picture.
and this is solved by making the coupling slack, thus there will
be some residual speed differences for abs to act on.

regardless of what kind of fluid it has in there, this fundamental
property of viscous couplings does not change.  and what you wrote
above doesn't contradict it either.

the computer controlled clutches get signals when you apply the brake
and unlocks immediately.  how does the "new style VC's" do this?