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Re: TT ugly

I guess not many poeple in this group read Esqiure.  In the Dec 95 issue, 
There was an article and a picture about TT.  According to Freeman 
Thomas, the car's chief designer, TT stand for Tourist Trophy, or 
"technik und tradition".  The point of the article is that this car is 
made for machineheads, so no soft lines or beauty touches to please you.
>From the picture, which put the TT in front of medival monstrous 
machinary, the TT is not so bad looking.  It can be a good candidate for
007's archenemy's toy of transportation.  

For my personal taste, the TT's front is monstrous.   But the look from
the side is good.  The rear may be not so bad either.   Anyway, if I were
given a choice of a Z3 and TT, I'll go with the TT for sure.