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Re: I LOVE these cars!

OK, I have heard people from the east coast talk about massive snow, and now
N. Iowa.  My turn, a week and a half ago, we had a winter storm pass through
Fargo, ND.  I was at work that evening and ended up staying all night.  Went
outside to start the Audi to let it run for a little bit a 11pm.  6 inch
drift behind my car, no big deal.  By 5 am, it was up to two feet and 15-20
feet across, big deal.  Not to mention the town was shut down.  Cops were
arresting people for driving around.  Next day I got a ride home by the
owner in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Had to walk part way.  Final results:  18
inches of snow, temps well below zero with up to 70 mph gusts.  3 - 4 ft
drifts everywhere.  Saw many drifts bigger.  A drift so big by my friends
apartment, that they _Tunneled_ through it so they could drive a single lane
of cars through it.  No joke.  Got back to the Audi the day after to get it
home.  First thing I did was to open the hood.  The engine compartment was
_Full_ of blown in snow, from ground to hood.  I tried starting it, started
up right away.  Ran for about two minutes then it died.  I figured that it
ran out of air.  So I started digging away at the engine bay, and remove the
intake up to the air filter.  Remove the snow and reinstalled the intake.
Won't start, tried quite a few times on a couple of different days.  Still
won't start.  So, on Monday to Audi gets towed to the local shop to get
thawed out.  Hopefully that will do the trick.  

        Fingers crossed