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Re: I LOVE these cars!

I agree that there aren't many Q's on the lots, but there's a reason.  
The fwd's aren't moving that well.  Everytime a Q comes in, it gets 
sold.  While the fwd sit for a while and stack up.  Plus, a lot of Q 
buyers want to special order their cars to get exactly what they want (we 
listers would know that better than anyone).  I imagine the actual sales 
rate may be a little greater than 50% for the Q's, while the fwd's tend 
to overrun the lots.

My opinion, sort of empirically based.


On Sat, 27 Jan 1996, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> Dealers I have visited have had about 10-20% Quattros on the lot, which is
> interesting since A of A expects to sell 50% of the A4s in Quattro.
> Perhaps the snow this winter is a factor.  
> This could also be a reason for the sales level (different string), but I
> believe in the "home run of a car" theory.
> Eric Schumacher
> P.S.  The only A4 Quattro my local dealer has is in the "rust-red."  He is
> offering a great deal on it!!!>