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Re: Gasolene Oxygenation and fuel economy ?

> My 93 S4 has been gettling lower milage (2-3 less miles per gallon) over 
> the last few months.  Several people have told me that was due to 
> "oxygenated fuel" which is prevalent in California.  First of all, is 
> this a valid argument ?  If true, does anyone know of any gasolene 
> companies that do not "oxygenate" their Premium Unleaded ?

... yup ... makes sense.

... nope, you won't be able to find anyone that sells non-oxygenated fuel
until March ... it's required by law ... BTW - NOPE the government will
not pay to fix the damage that is done to your FI system by the MTBE 

I found out last year that Union 76 sells oxygenated fuel year round.
I got a letter from Union 76 asking why I haven't used their card
recently ....

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)