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Denied at the fiche, Part II

Looked through the fiche for the 200QW and 5kCSQW and found no reference
to an Avant badge.  I'm pretty sure that I have seen pictures (Audi calen-
dar?) that show a chromed Avant badge.  Perhaps a q-lister in one of the more
favoured parts of the world could apprise me as to whether or not the Audi
Wagons in other parts of the world actually have a badge that says "Avant."
I would especially appreciate hearing from someone in Canada ... is there
an Audi dealer in Newfoundland?

Steve Buchholz

... I guess I wasn't totally denied ... I did happen to get the color code
for Lago Blue from the fiche for Jeff.  I even found that if QTCs were im-
ported to the US in 1987 that we could have even seen them in Lago Metallic.