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Re: New A4 quattro

David Briggs writes:
> I'm also planning to get a new a4q in the spring.  would appreciate any 
> advice on price, dealers, etc as well.  I'm thinking a black on black 
> with most options; is the stereo upgrade worth it, or can I relatively 
> easily put an in-dash cd player in it? 

I just ordered a new A4 quattro (pearl white/titanium leather)
from Carlsen Audi in Palo Alto, CA.  I got them to sell the
car to me at wholesale price plus $1500.  Since Audi doesn't give
rebates to the dealers I thought this was a very good price.
What it amounts to is about $2500 off the sticker price...

The car will probably arrive some time in March, I was told.

I got pretty much all options except the cellular phone, the Bose
stereo and the trunk-mounted CD changer.  From the discussions on
this list it would appear that the Bose stereo is a poor choice.
Unfortunately, the standard stereo, as does the Bose unit on the A4
are not in the standard DIN size.  I believe it is the same height
as DIN, but the A4 stereo is about an inch wider.  This means
aftermarket in dash units will not fit without some kind of
adapter and a trim piece to finish off the gap.  I have seen pictures
of A4s in Europe equipped this way, but it doesn't look as integrated
as the U.S. factory stereo.

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