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Re: Negotiating with insurance companies...

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com writes:
> Does anyone have any experience negotiating with an insurance company about
> buying back a totalled car?  It seems to me that if I successfully convince
> them the car was worth than average due to its condition, accessories, etc.,
> I'll also be making a case for why its salvage value should be higher, too,
> which is sort of counter-productive.

I did that after my old '84 5000S Turbo was wrecked in 1989.  I bought it
back from the insurance company for $1200 with no haggling.  I then proceeded
to pull literally thousands of dollars worth of parts off of it.  Sold
some of the parts, used some to replace same in another '84 5000S Turbo
I bought (which I still have today), and many of the convenience features
(like delayed interior light, one touch down driver's side power windows
with retained power, etc.) found their way into my 4000.  When I had nothing
I needed from it, I sold the car to a wrecking yard for $800 (a year later).
I thought that was a pretty good deal...

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