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Re: Negotiating with insurance companies...

At 08:17 AM 1/13/96 -0500, AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience negotiating with an insurance company about
>buying back a totalled car?  It seems to me that if I successfully convince
>them the car was worth than average due to its condition, accessories, etc.,
>I'll also be making a case for why its salvage value should be higher, too,
>which is sort of counter-productive.
>Since it looks like I'm going to be entering into such negotiations shortly,
>I'd like to figure out a way to eat my cake and still have it too ... anyone
>have any advice that they're willing to share?

My experience ('88 Jetta GLI, stolen for its interior, Farmer's policy in N.
Cal was no salvage buy backs, but I'm from Wa blah blah blah--got the car
back!) is exactly as you surmise--Farmer's calculated salvage at 20% of
payout (before taxes) and they did not reimburse for unused license (since
the tag wasn't turned into the state for refund).  Think of it this
way--you're still getting back 80% of whatever value you get them to peg the
car at.

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