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Re: Euro lites

At 04:38 PM 1/13/96 -0500, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

>On 13 Jan 1996, Joe Yakubik wrote:
[suggestion on sourcing euro-headlights]
>	When I was reading your post, this idea came to mind 
>immeditaely.  The only problem with this, that I can think of is that the 
>sockets that the lights fit in the reflectors are designed for the 900X 
>series lights.  We would have to get high watt bulbs in the 900X cases, 
>with the fore/aft filament.  I _think_ this is workable, since Scott said 
>he had just that a couple weeks ago. (Scott?)
>	The other difficulty would be in peeling the old lense off.  I've 
>tried that, and the glue is VERY good.  There is also a tongue-in-groove 
>joint between the lense and reflector.  I think that the glass will have 
>to be broken to get it off cleanly without damaging the reflector.

I've never disassembled my headlights, but will describe some of what i see
in mine and other info i've picked up over the years...

Neither the bulbs (H4) nor the lenses mount to the reflector.  The reflector
itself moves inside the entire housing assembly to adjust the beam.  i'm
guessing the bulb and lens mount to a housing/assembly in which the
reflector resides.  Is the housing different from euro to N. America?  could

There is a gasket between the lens and whatever housing/assembly you
have--in N. America, they may have removed the gasket and used the
sealant/glue Graydon describes.

btw, (i've passed this along to a few others before) here's the p/n's i have:
p/n              qty description       price back in '91 notes
---------------- --- ----------------- ----------------- -----
447 941 115      (1) Scheibe, L (lens) 37.5dm
447 941 116      (1) Scheibe, R (lens) 37.5dm
447 941 119      (2) Dichtung (gasket) 10.4dm (btwn lens and housing)
893 941 125      (4) Haltefeder (clips) 4.2dm (hold the lens to the housing)
can anyone add for the housing, reflector, etc?

some of you have mentioned the dash-switch and motor used for adjusting the
beam to compensate for load.  those p/n's are:
443 941 295      (2) Stellmotor (beam adj motor) 203.0dm
447 941 301A 01C (1) Regler (beam adj switch) 56.0dm
i haven't done this (yet) but there's a qcusa member in Portland who has.

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