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Re: 1990 Model 80 Quattro Trivia

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, linus d. toy wrote:

> At 01:33 PM 1/11/96 -0800, Eliot Lim wrote:
> >a 4000CSQ is about 2800.  i would guess around 3K since they stiffened
> >up the body considerably.

> eliot--don't take this to mean i want to start another engineering purpose
> thread (really--i don't) but just 'cause they stiffened up the body doesn't
> mean it's got to get heavier

how on earth did you infer that????????????????

maybe i should have rephrased that to say, "the new car gained about 200
pounds and a stiffer structure accounted for much of that".  better now?

ok, some REAL numbers:

european 4000CSQ (called 90Q over there): 2646 pounds
european 80Q/90Q w/ 5 banger:		  2826 pounds

source: performance car

there was about a 200 pound gain between generations, that was what i
remembered.  i also remembered that the US 4KCSQ weighed about 2800
pounds vs. the 2646 for the european version.  so add the 200 pounds
and you have 3000.  cars sold in the US had a higher equipment level
such as cruise, power windows, a/c etc, plus the emission stuff, so
they weigh more.

those of you with old copies of Crap and Drivel (tm) can probably confirm
the weight gain as well.

in the early 1990s not too many manufacturers cared a lot about fat,
audi included.  unfortunately for them, the engines didn't keep up