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Re: 1990 Model 80 Quattro Trivia

Actually, according to Consumer Reports Used Car Guide (thanks to 
ScottB), the '91 Audi 80 weighs in at 2850 lbs, about the same as a 
4000CSQ.  The model 90 is heavier at 3000.  So now the question is -- 
why did the US model gain 200 pounds over the Euro 4000CSQ and 90Q  but 
only 50 pounds on the Euro 80Q?  Why so much weight gain anyway? 
Bumpers and air bag?

- Greg

>From Eliot:
>ok, some REAL numbers:
>european 4000CSQ (called 90Q over there): 2646 pounds
>european 80Q/90Q w/ 5 banger:		  2826 pounds
>source: performance car
>there was about a 200 pound gain between generations, that was what i
>remembered.  i also remembered that the US 4KCSQ weighed about 2800
>pounds vs. the 2646 for the european version.  so add the 200 pounds
>and you have 3000.