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Lane Checks

I'm surprised the more adept drivers (PDQSHIP, STEADIRIC) haven't 
commented more on this - so I'll waste some bandwidth.

There are - of - course - blind spots on BOTH sides of your car.  In 
a week spent at a a police driver school, we had the immense comfort 
of instructors who would sneak up on your car and ride in either 
blind spot, while watching our head movements as we drove through a 
course.  If we EVER changed a lane to either side without checking 
first, we caught h**l over the radio...and rightfully so.

I had my share of close calls before this school - but have never 
consciously changed a lane since without checking over the shoulder.  
Mirrors don't cut it.

Unfortunately, in traffic it is possible for somone to do something 
at JUST that moment you turn your head - and when you look back from 
even a lightning check, you can be in trouble.  The only thing that 
will save you then is having enough following distance to compensate.

Unfortunately, I usually end up making these checks when I'm trying 
to get change lanes and get around slow traffic - and that often 
means I've gotten awfully close due to stupid impatience on my part.
So far, I've been lucky.....

"Caveat driver", I guess.  :-(

Glad no one was injured.  Just keep makin' those lane check, folks!

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