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Pento - Leak

> From: steveb@newkla.kla.com
> The '88 5kCSTQ has developed a Pentosin leak, either within the pump
> or in one of the attached hoses.  I'm thinking that since it hasn't 
> been that long since I replaced the radiator (which requires moving 
> the pump around) that it is one of the hoses, but it may be the pump
> as well.  The leak is intermittent, some days there is no Pentosin
> loss while on others there may be a couple ounces.  I left the car 
> idling in the garage to try to see which was leaking, but I found no 
> drips.  

Try warming up the car, then having a helper crank the power steering 
back and forth while you and a good flashlight look for spurts from 
hoses - the load may be needed to induce the leak, and if so, the 
leak may be a very fine stream or even a seep.  Remove the trim panel 
from above the radiator so you can look in front - one of the PS 
hoses runs there (I think - or is it AC?) and it's possible that you 
nicked it when doing the radiator.

The radiator shop who did an end-cap on my 84 5KT accidentally sliced 
a PS hose - cost me $200 cuz I didn't find it for over a year...but I 
know who the only ones were that worked near it.

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