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Gasolene Oxygenation and fuels

       Good Question!

       Yes, I have heard several people (try hundereds, or even thousands) maki
ng that same argument.  They all have experienced lower gas milage and in older
cars they seem to run rough with these newer "oxygenated" fuels.  There was an
interesting artical on this in an AutoWeek about two weeks ago.  A guy that own
s a classic car dealership and garage in Souther California said that he keeps
a supply of regular 93 octane gas around for his old Lotus Elan and he also sai
d that he's had many customers complain about this new gas and seen more fuel-r
elated problems as well.  He said that this gas, in older cars, can deteriorate
the fuel lines and system and can easily cause the car to run rough, as many pe
ople have stated, since using this new gas.

       This is a proven fact, yet the EPA says that this "oxygenated" gas will
do no such thing and will produce the same gas milage as regular gasoline.  Wel
l, I don't buy it!  And niether should you!  Unfortunately, the government mand
ates areas with high polution to use these oxygenated fuels, so this has nothin
g to do with any particular petrolium company; all of them in that particular a
rea have to use it.  It's an EPA mandated regulation that is utterly rediculous
!  First of all, they are using this to bring down the level of polutants in th
e air, but realistically it is just cutting down on some, while adding more of
others that aren't measured in gov't polution studies.  So, the truth is that t
he government is mandating certian areas to use a gas that might be more harmfu
ll and pollutant than regular gas (they really don't know what it'll do) and co
sting you more money because you now get a lower mpg (call me crazy, but doesn'
t that sond like more polution if we have to use more gas?) just to restrict th
e harmful pollutants from our cars (which hardly produce anything) by a little
tiny bit!  Sound stupid!???  Well, I think so, but thats the way beurocracy wor
ks...and we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

          My reccomendation is to write to your representative and tell him you
think this is stupid and will just cause more problems in the long run.  If eno
ugh people write and complain about this thing, maybee they'll listen.  They ar
e elected to represent the interest of the people in thier constituency after a
ll.  So, write and tell him how you feel and that you are indeed getting lower
fuel economy due to this crappy gas.  Your representative probably has an e-mai
l address.  To find it out, you can try the Congressional Directory on the WWW
or in your local public library.  Or you can just mail it snail mail!