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Anyone else got the 365 CARS


          Kinda funny....I have the "Car and Driver" 365 CARS desk calender.  L
ike you said, on Jan 12 it had a picture of two Audis and had "1988 Audi 5000S
and Quattro" written in the capition.

          But, the picture is of two '89 Audis.  The red one is an '89 200 turb
o, and the white one is a 100 Quattro.  Sometimes we have to correct the expert
s!!!!  Also, I don't know what year Audi sales started to really fall, but I fi
gure it was after '87, and the 5000 Quattros came here in '86, so I don't know
how true that little summary on the Audi 5000 series is either.