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Gasoline oxygenation and fuels

    Sorry Bill, I disagree with you.  I have heard of too many problems of peop
le who have been experiencing strange phenomina while using this gas for it to
just be a "coincidense".  Maybee that is your though on it, and maybee it doesn
't really personally effect you, but it does many others.  Read up on it.  I re
ad that article in AutoWeek and another one in the Washinton Post.  I have also
heard tons of people on the stsil WMB (BMW list) complain about it.  A few meme
bers with older BMW's also reported fuel related problems.  This isn't a good t
hing.  And if it causes harm, then it shouldn't be mandated.

   And, Steve, thank you for your info you got at the local Chevron on these ne
w oxygenated fuels and that they actually produce pamphelets that warn users th
at it could potentially cause problems is enough fo me to think that they know
more than they are willing to admit!!!!  And, if they don't know what it will d
o, than why should gov't be mandating it???  Inquireing minds want to know!  We
ll, I think the gas is crap, and you may be very right....it could be a conspir
acy between the gas companies and the government.  Or, my personal theory is th
at these EPA dorks don't know what the hell they're doing!  OK, I'm done now!