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Re: Audi Wheel Bearing/Hub Puller by Schley

... got some requests for price and availability of the Schley 
Bearing Puller for Audis.  Unfortunately it is not a cheap piece 
of gear.  I got mine through my brother-in-law who works for a 
tool dealer, but I understand that the list price is on the order 
of (US)$300.  Schley Products probably sells them directly, but 
I can't find a phone number on the documents.  If anyone is inter-
ested in more information, let me know.  I can call my BIL to see
if he can give me a number.  He might be able to give a discount
too - I can ask him that as well.  You should be able to find an
Automotive Tools company in your local "Yellow Pages" and ask them
if they sell Schley Products.  I understand that once you have the
major components it is easy to adapt the puller for a number of 
other yuropeen, mercun and japanese models.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)