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Re: 5KTQ

> The dealer i bought my 4KQ from just brought in a 5KTQ.  It's hot.
> It has 105K miles but it's a one-owner and it's beautious!
> They want $6,900.  What should they REALLY get?

You didn't say what the model year is ... you should be able to get the 
market value info for the car fairly easily.  I usually go to a nearby 
U sell car lot and look it up in their Kelley Blue Book.  
> Does anyone have any input on how the 5KTQs hold up?  Are they reliable and
> as easy to take care of as the 4KQ?  

In my opinion you will see more problems on the 5k than you would be used to
with the 4k, simply because the 5k has more bells and whistles.  I actually 
would prefer fewer bells & whistles, but you get no choice.  I don't know 
what, if any, "standard" problems there are on the 4k, but there are several 
for the 5k: power steering racks, climate controls, hydraulic system system 
gremlins, electrical system gremlins (e.g. window regulator switches & memory
seats).  If you do your own work and don't mind doing it every once in a while
the 5k is a good choice.  If you pay others to work on your car you might want
to think twice before leaping ...
> I've had a mixed reaction.  Please respond!     Thanks!
... I assume that you mean you have heard mixed reactions from others.  I think that if you analyze how much car you get for that $7k it's an easy decision.  
The 5k has a lot of potential for "low risk" engine performance improvement,
and is an excellent choice for a q-ship.  Low insurance rates, a high degree
of active safety (AWD & ABS & HP), practicality and good handling are I com-
bination I like, but frankly I'm almost to the point where I'm convinced that 
the urQ is a much more reliable car overall!

Hope this helps you make your decision!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)