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Re: 5KCSTQ: oil change-not same old question

I've been using Mann or Mahle for my 85' 5000s for the last 5 years. The Mann
ones are made in Austria. I am not sure about the Mahle but I think they are 
OEM for Porsche. I am not sure if I am going to use Mann or Mahle for my 
92' V6 which I just bought a few months ago, I'll see when it hit 30,000 
miles and decide what to do. Someone in this group had mentioned the oil 
filter for the V6 is different from the 5 cylinders. 

Anthony Chan
85' 5000s forsale
92' 100 V6

On Sat, 29 Oct 1994, MARTIN SLOTTERBACK wrote:

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> About oil filters I think there's a company called MANN or somthing 
> like that. I could be wrong but I have heard they manuf. these 
> things for oem. The one I use is about $8.00. I am told it is for 
> the turbo cars. It sure does weigh more than the ones for the 
> non-turbo cars.? It is a german company and I buy it from my parts 
> guy. I would not use any additives if you dont have to. You should 
> use a quality syn. oil like "mobil 1" and change it every 3-5000 
> miles with a new filter. If you do not change the oil your self,you 
> should learn how, and find a source for recycling the old oil. Most 
> good parts stores will have a container for depositing the old. 
> Also at that time you can look at all the other fun stuff that 
> could be wrong with your car or not. You know the fluids,tire 
> preasure,wiper blades,lights, etc. Soon you will be confident about 
> the car you drive, nomatter where you go.
> > 
>           Marty S.
> 5000tq 165,000 plus - pinto powered vw bus - 4000q also 165,000 
> plus