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FWIW, the following is a portion of a fax sent to Audi AG.  Thanks for their
number, Eric.


Audi Marketing
Audi AG
Ingolstadt, Germany


I am contacting you on behalf of a group of Audi enthusiasts numbering over
200 members all located around the world from Thailand to Sweden and most
points in between.  This group is in almost constant communication with each
other via the internet.

There is considerable interest in obtaining Audi calendars for 1996, and
eventually, later years.  We have heard of such a calendar which features
some of the 1930's vintage Auto Union racing cars.  Are these calendars, or
others, available for general distribution?  If so, how may we economically
acquire some of them?


The rest of the fax was just telling them how to contact me.  We'll see what

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