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Re: 90 cooling system question........

Hairy green toads from Mars made LEMONHEAD say:

> Just replaced the temperature sensor in my '88 90.  Works fine.  Another 
> question, however, has surfaced.  
> OK.....the ambient air temperature around here has been around 0 to 10 
> degrees F.  Now...I've noticed that my temperature gauge hovers slightly 
> above the "C" mark when driving at highway speeds.  Around town, The needle 
> slightly rises to about 1/3.  Is this normal for my car?  I would say 
> that the thermostat is defective; I'm getting good, toasty heat, however, 
> from my heater.  
> Any input will be appreciated. ;)

I just replaced the sensors on both of my cars ('89 100Q and
'90 90Q20V), and the same thing happened. Maybe the newer sensors
just read a notch lower? The cars run fine.

On mine (the 100Q), I used to read 2 marks above "C", 3+ in
traffic. Now it reads barely 1 mark above "C", less in cold
weather like today.


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