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Re: Bushings

Hairy green toads from Mars made Daniel Hussey say:

>       Andrew,
>       Thanks for the info on bushings.  I guess just having new stuff in there
> should make the suspension handle like new with some new struts; what do you
> think?  Anyways, a friend of mine here said he knows a guy that could make all
> of the bushings and it wouldn't cost more than $150!  That sounded pretty good
> to me for custom made deralin or nylon bushings! But, as you'd guess, he hasn'
> t heard from the guy since. If I get a deal like that I will go with the high-
> performance stuff, but I will probably end up just going with the OEM stuff
> like you did.  That shoudl stiffen up that chassis quite a bit!  BTW, was that
> the cheapest prices you found in your search?  I'd think so, but that sounded
> more expensive than I expected or thought it would.  That's over $700 with
> labor!  But, It's a must.  Let me know how the difference is when you
> get them, OK?

My car goes in thursday, and he'll have it two days to do all
of the bushings, put in new rear shocks, tighten the front shocks,
and align to my specs. I expect it will drive better than new.

I didn't reall look around; after Carlsen, I called Clair's Parts
Express, and got a price 4 times higher on some parts. I think they
were confused about which parts I wanted (front pivots: $44.96 from
Carlsen, $231.03 from Clair).


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