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RE: wiper blades

On 16 Jan 96 at 14:49, Psychos 'R Us wrote:

> Good thumb of rule is replace the inserts twice a year -- before summer 
> and before winter.
> > Previous experience drives me to go back to Anco/Trico and replace only the
> > inserts often, not the whole blade.

Why not just replace the inserts (or blades, if you wish) when the 
old ones start streaking?  The only concern I can imagine is that old 
inserts might scratch the windshield, but that certainly hasn't been 
the case on my El Camino, which I've owned for 7 years now.  I don't 
keep records of blade/insert changes, but mine seem to last about 1 
year before they start streaking.  At every gas stop I clean the 
windshield (and other windows that need it, and headlights, when 
squeegees are made available, a pet peeve of mine...) and wipe the 
wipers clean with a plain old paper towel.

Oh yeah, I just use the cheapest brand of wiper inserts or blades 
available.  I haven't noticed any difference between brands, insert 
attachment methods aside.

   '85 Audi 5ks
   '85 El Camino
   '72 Suzuki GT380 w/ front disk retrofit
   '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces
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