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RE: wiper blades

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Richard Klein wrote:

> Why not just replace the inserts (or blades, if you wish) when the 
> old ones start streaking?  The only concern I can imagine is that old 
> inserts might scratch the windshield, but that certainly hasn't been 
> the case on my El Camino, which I've owned for 7 years now.  I don't 
> keep records of blade/insert changes, but mine seem to last about 1 
> year before they start streaking.  

This is what I do as well.  I usually get the replacement inserts from 
the dealer.  They're called Autobahn.  Most aftermarket VW accessories at 
the dealer are label thus.  Is this a spinoff of Bosch, or a different 
company?  They seem to be decent blades and last about 1 year, and fit my 
jetta, my dad's 4k, and my mom's Legacy (no, really!).