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Uneven Idol

Richard, your post about your 5k having an uneven idol sparked a question 
about my '86 Jetta.  

I know it ain't an Audi, but have you ever parked 
one next to a 4k?  It has a detuned version of the 4k 4banger in it as 
well, so the question sortta applies.  Here 'goes:

When the engine is cold, like when I first start it in the morning, it 
will idol very unevenly for about 2 minutes.  The tach bobes up and down 
from about 500rpm to 1500 rpm.  This problem started about 6 months ago 
after I got the car back from the shop.  They put in new injector seats 
and seals, as well as fixing an exhaust manifold leak and installing a 
new muffler.  When I got the car back, I was really shocked at how much 
power it had (has).  85 German horses seem to be a lot stronger than 130 
Japanese horses (Subaru Legacy)!  Anyhoo, my only complaint about the 
post work performance is the idol.  Is it the oxs sensor, or the idol 
stabilizer, or just that its a VW?  One more thing, after the work was 
done, the engine runs MUCH better on oxygenated gas than before.  It used 
to take several tries starting to get the engine to run, then it was 
really rough.  Now it just stutters a bit, then evens out.  The car has 
almost 120k on it, 31 of which has been put on by me in the last 3 years 
I've owned it.

'nuther question:  What'll it take to get this engine up to audi specs.  
I know it has a different exhaust system (auspuffsystem in German, 
hahahahaha).  I love the sound of the exhaust on my dad's 4k, and I think 
it would be cool if my Jetta could purr like that rather than spit the 
way it does now.

Thankx for any input,