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Bent wheels, do I need new tyres?

Ok, the dealer tells me that the vibration that just showed
up on my S6 is due to:

- two bent wheels,
- an out-of-round tyre on a third wheel.

Too many potholes around here.
The wheels are MSW Type 55 with Pirelli Winter 210s on them.

So I have a few of questions for the wisdom of the list:

Assuming I replace the two bent wheels, should I replace the tyres also.
ie. is it possible that the tyres are also damaged?

What would cause a tyre to go "out-of-round" and should that tyre be

I was running the 210s at 38psi, is this enough or should I inflate
them to something higher. I am thinking that a higher pressure may
protect the rims more.

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