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Re: Numbers is numbers

I wrote:
> >Audi claims 7.8 for the A4 5speed, where did you see/experience 7.0 ?

and Scott replied:
> They are conservative, did a vericom ck on one in detroit with a buddy of
> mine, and we got consistent low 7's by the q-ram-slide method of 6k drops (it
> was a test car after all)..........  We got a 7.0 on a couple, but 7.3 was
> easily repetitively hammered.....   Audi went conservative on the 7.8
> number.......  NJTH
Ahh, thats good info. It pretty much confirms what I said about the
A4Q 5speed actually seeming to perform really well once it was moving
(I wasn't using the q-ram-slide method, just easing the clutch in at about
3000, even though it was a test drive).
Like I said in an earlier post this was a subjective thing, now we
have something concrete..

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